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  1. Yeah the apps in the background load fine once I click ok on the error. Thanks again!
  2. I installed the firmware hot fix and followed the steps you said to do. After rebooting and running a speed test, I got that error again. However, my speeds now appear to be much higher and more stable. I am getting 260Mbps + on my phone now! I will keep an eye on it over the coming days but it appears that you have sorted my issues for now! Thank you very much! I will post in here again if the issue returns. Thanks again for your help, it is very much appreciated.
  3. Ok so I rebooted again, ran a speed test at 18:51 and my download speed was 161Mbps. I then ran another test which was 92Mbps, but about 18:52 I got an error message on the NETDUMA software (please see screenshot). I reloaded the software and ran another speed test about at 18:54 which was 89Mbps. There doesn't seem to be anything on the log, other than me logging into the software twice.
  4. Apologies I am unsure what log you mean. I used speedtest.net and all I can see when I check the history are the speed results.
  5. Hi Fraser, Interestingly I get close to 200Mbps when I do a speed test on my phone straight after rebooting the router. Shortly afterwards though, the speeds reduce to 100 and less. So it seems something kicks in and dramatically reduces the speeds. I will also try the wifi analyser and check the channels like you suggested. Thanks again for your time, it is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  6. Ok so I disabled Airtime fairness, rebooted the router and ran a speed test again on my phone. I got 164Mbps download! However, I ran another speed test 3 minutes later and it was back down to 94Mbps. I will try rebooting it again. But this setting definitely improved the speeds briefly. No, the powerline adapters only provide me with a wired connection for my ps4 which is upstairs, as far as I'm aware. Cheers.
  7. Do you think my powerline adapters could affect wireless speeds? I have tried running speed tests with the powerline adapters turned off though. There didn't seem to be a difference at the time.
  8. Hi Fraser, I tried a few different settings on QoS but I mostly used default settings (even distribution between all devices). I settled on 300 Mbps download and 50 upload, as I am supposed to get up to 360 download, but this is probably an overestimation. I am sure I also tried it set at 200Mbps. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing when messing around with QoS so I probably made it worse. Please find attached the wireless settings screenshots. When doing wireless speed tests, I place my phone right next to my router with a direct line of sight so yeah, less than 3 feet. My smart TV is also within 3 feet to the router. I greatly appreciate your help, thank you very much.
  9. Yeah I only just realised that the cable in port 1 is not Cat5e. Oops! That cable is connected to a powerline adapter which connects to my ps4. I will definitely upgrade this cable. Thanks. However, the cable from my ONT to my XR300 WAN port appears to be Cat5e (I think). This is also the cable I use when testing wired connections to my laptop (directly from the ONT) - I have ordered new cables and will re-run speed tests from the router to my laptop. I guess that will explain the slower wired speeds. Most wifi devices are connected to 5GHz. I tend to run wireless speed tests on my Samsung Galaxy S10 which is 5GHz. Since switiching off Qos, I get up to 100Mbps on my phone, but it seems to be restricted to 100. Thanks, Calum
  10. Hi Fraser, Thank you for your reply. Please find attached the screenshot. Cheers.
  11. Hi all, I have owned an XR300 for several months now and I have never been getting the full internet speeds that I pay for. I thought it was an issue from my ISP's side, but it's not. I pay for up to 360Mbps but all of my internet devices get way below 100, wired and wireless. When I run speed tests directly from my ONT (ZTE GPON ZXHN F620) modem, wired to my laptop, I get 200Mbps and above. However, when I do the same speed tests from my XR300 wired to my laptop, I get less than 100. I have disabled Qos which has improved the speeds slightly, but I am still getting less than half the speeds that my ONT gets. Are there any settings I can change to greatly improve my speeds? Cheers, Calum
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