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  1. After having slow interface issues, i found this forum page and wanted to update that it seems the web browser interface has been improved since the Firmware update. I only noticed a 2 - 3 second delay when updating settings, which is expected. I have noticed though that the router struggles on the Nighthawk app though. When trying to access it, the app struggles to find a connection and gives me Timeout errors which require me to exit the app entirely and try again. Whenever I try to run speed test runs, it fails the first time but will work fine the 2nd time but it records both events in its log. When I try to connect to the router remotely, sometimes it lags out so bad that the router goes offline and cannot be found for 3 minutes, although none of the hardwired devices are affected, only wifi. I recently turned on Smart Connect and tried assigning Static IP addresses to my devices at home but I began to notice that all my Ring cameras struggle when doing so. They have had a longer delay when trying to view Live events, sometimes even failing all together, but events are still triggered and recorded on the cameras history. My gaming consoles will say "No internet connection" even when standing next to the router and I have to sometimes restart the console or reconfigure the internet settings for it to find the router again. Did I setup something wrong? Should I disable some options? I never had this issue with my R6400 router I purchased 8 years ago
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