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  1. Hey it cut out at 5:31 PM PST today. I haven't been using YouTube as much on my phone, so I wasn't able to get a crash until today. Also I have to restart the Duma and my Modem every time it happens to use the internet again.
  2. Alright sounds great, also I sometimes use the geofilter + VPN (only directed to my pc) while I'm playing games, but I turn them off once I'm done. I've had them off the majority of times that the duma has disconnected. Only once or twice I forgot they were on and the duma disconnected. But I've strictly tested the duma multiple times with both features off. Only times I've noticed it disconnect is when I watch YouTube videos
  3. Yea I saved it but the duma crashed again in the morning. It crashes mostly in the morning if I watch a few youtube videos or at random times watching youtube videos. I just restarted it along with my modem so it should be working now.
  4. Hello I was unable to respond right away because my computer was getting repaired so I couldn't access the OS. I just enabled "Allow Remote Access to Tech Support." But yea, when I watch a YouTube video on my phone it completely cuts out my internet once or twice a day. Also when this happens, I can't access the Duma interface nor my modem's interface as if they crashed or something. I'm not doing anything funky or running ad blockers, it just cuts my internet out if I watch a YouTube video connected to the duma. Could this be linked with the modem model?
  5. log-1630612602668.txt It wasn't a complete crash this time, but it disconnected my iPhone, all I had to do was turn off then turn on the Wi-Fi in my iPhone settings.
  6. Usually I'm not able to access the NetDuma interface when the internet disconnects & my computer disconnects as well, but I was just able to grab the log as the internet wasn't working on my phone. Should I post it here?
  7. Yea my internet has only disconnected from the duma when using the YouTube app. I'm not using the adblocker in the dumaos
  8. I had to join Via the "other network" option on my iPhone. Alright after testing both 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz wifi, they both cut my internet out when I use YouTube on my iPhone. I did everything you guys listed above.
  9. Also i can connect to the network if I enable the "Guest Wifi." I just can't connect to the regular netduma wifi
  10. Also my 5G wifi doesn't show up as an option under my available networks anymore. Since I just got this netduma, is there a chance it can be faulty?
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