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  1. no ... not return... and i have only one phone and 1 pc ..
  2. hello I am writing to communicate that lately my netduma r2 router loses me more than 50% of internet speed ... my main router fastweb line is 200 mb and 20 mb upload .. I hope as soon as I attack netduma the maximum speed becomes 80 mb and upload 5 mb ... the qos is set to give priority only to the ps4 and the internet bandwidth usage is 100%
  3. this is my currently situation with the server of modern warfare and war zone...is strange I think... I'm in Italy.
  4. ok thank u the router work awesome. but in the u tube talk about this famous bot lobbies. but I think the only mode to find is denied server with k\d super high. thank u
  5. Loshok11


    Hello to all can anyone tell me the best servers to find lobbying bots above warzone?
  6. Hello to all i bought the netduma r2 a couple of months ago. it works very well and the connection is actually much more stable than before, I noticed however that sometimes the Italian server (where I live) is offline. Is it normal? depends on my connection? I have 180 mb in download and 20 mb in upload . another thing does anyone know some places to find the famous lobby bot for warzone? Thank you
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