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  1. So far it appears to be working again. I followed the steps and failed the TFTP method as I didn't have it enabled on my PC. Upon reset of the router the dumaos appears to be working again for the past few days. Thanks all for the help, I'll check back if the error returns.
  2. Receive 'Unknown Error Occured'. I assume the login is the same as the router? That what I used for login.
  3. Tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave with cleared cache and incognito, all return the same error.
  4. Hi mate, Currently running XR1000-V1.0.0.58_1.0.44, have also tried .44, .50 and .52. I have attached the error screen I am receiving.
  5. Have changed the retries to 5 and completed a reboot. I am receiving the same dumaos has not yet loaded error.
  6. Thanks mate. Where would I find the system info page? Is it under http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm or will I have to reset the router to access the dumaos?
  7. Hi, Recently purchased an XR1000 and keep receiving an error 'DumaOS not loaded yet!' when trying to access dumaOS. I briefly can access the dumaOS after completing a factory reset on the router which grants access until the login times out or router restarts. I have tried all the available firmware, none of which provide a resolution. Any help would be appreciated.
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