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  1. @Netduma Fraser Appreciate the feedback, thanks as always for your quick support.
  2. Hi Netduma team, Whew this router... I haven't had a device give me this much trouble in... maybe ever. I would come back to my original post, but it's now locked as I thought the new firmware fixed my issue, however it did not (https://forum.netduma.com/topic/37227-xr1000-dropping-ipv6) So basically I'm still having the issue with IPv6 not working unless the router is rebooted, it will then work for about 24 hours or a little longer if I'm lucky. I've tried it all, fresh installs, combinations of settings, you name it... IPv6 does not want to stay enabled no matter what. Of course the router is beyond the return window, and I'm not too keen to replace it and just "eat" the cost of my purchase. So until NG pushes new firmware and finally fixes this issue (I hope, but the track record doesn't look good), the only way to have IPv6 work is daily modem restarts (insane). Since there is no setting to reboot the modem on a schedule, I'm considering buying a smart outlet and forcing a power cycle nightly by scheduling to cut power from the device when no users are online. I've always read not to power cycle modern routers, but at this point I seem to have no other option... Mods, do you see any major issues with this plan of action while I wait for a fix? Could this be a defective device, and a replacement may not have the issue? I would imagine trying to get a warranty claim and have NG replace the router would be like pulling teeth, so I'd like to avoid that if a firmware update is in the pipeline with a fix. Appreciate any info or opinions. Thanks.
  3. @Bert, Much appreciated, thank you for the rundown on these!
  4. Really hoping for some info from @Bert, as a few of his posts started me down this rabbit hole. That said if anyone else has intelligible answers/thoughts on any of this feel free to chime in... I've found as a gamer, "consumer grade" recommendations from websites I've never heard of telling you what to turn off and on with very little info, and extremely technical posts with no "layman's" explanations are a super thin line. Wanting to ask a few questions here because I really can't find that middle ground of verifiable info (that I can comprehend) for networking tips geared toward gaming performance. Understanding all systems are different, below are some of my PC/Newtwork specs. I'll try to keep the questions broad so I don't write a novel here, but if anyone wants to go into detail with responses that's great. I'm all over the place, so if you want to just say something is or isn't worth looking into that's totally cool. Router: XR1000 Firmware: ISP: Cox (USA) 1000 down / 30 up Modem: Arris SB8200 (Restricted from placing router into modem's DMZ) Z590 Aorus Ultra (I225-V adapter) / 10850k / RTX 3080 FE / 32GB DDR4 2000MHz CL17 Windows 10 Overall Intent - Optimize Call of Duty - Warzone performance, while maintaining a stable home network for other non-gaming devices (phones,work laptops, smart tv's, etc). Network Notes - Lots of devices connected but no other gaming happening outside of COD. COD is played on hardwired PC only (PC only used for gaming), using Duma to geofilter to TX/Midwest for "equal" ping lobbies with friends from East Coast (I'm on the West-ish Coast). PS4 is also on the network at times for streaming apps and Plex use only, no gaming. Otherwise, streaming, phone browsing and 2 laptops working from home through company VPN during the day (non-technical work, video calls, excel, web based clients, etc). PC Ethernet Controller Properties - I could research for days on each advanced setting and just be overwhelmed with Chrome tabs, but given my system resources and intent, are there any obvious properties to enable or disable here to help prioritize Warzone packets/jitter/buffer bloat? (Jumbo Packets? Interrupt Moderation Rate? Checksums? Etc, Etc). PC QoS Settings - I saw CoDeL mentioned and am just reading about the different methods of QoS implementation. 1. Can you (fairly) easily change what implementation Windows is using? Is this achieved through PowerShell (a lot of the info I find online is for MS servers, not consumer setups)? 2. If the gaming traffic is going XR1000 <-> PC, when talking about PC side QoS, do we then want to implement the best type for communication with the XR1000 and how the router sends those packets, not necessarily the best set up for Warzone server communication (since the router would handle that QoS) or are they both the same? If that idea holds weight, what method of QoS is the XR1000 using, and do we mirror that implementation on the PC for best "communication"? 3. Related to the above, if I placed the PC into the router's DMZ, would QoS/Pioritization be needed on the XR1000 side? Or would the router just send packets through with no filtering and let the PC QoS rules take care of the optimization rather than have 2 rules going on both devices maybe not playing nice? Extra Hardware Options - It seems like there's a lot of room for customizability with things like pfSense, Ubiquiti devices etc. Wondering if any of the hardware I have on hand would be worthwhile candidates for potentially optimizing my network and gaming experience, or if something from Ubiquiti up the line would help. 1. If the XR1000 is really only specifically used for the geofilter feature while gaming on PC, is there any setup that would benefit that experience? I.E. running the wifi connection off of a different device, bridge mode, etc to take processor load off of the XR1000? I have my previous Netgear R6700v3 router collecting dust, my previous gaming set-up I'm just using now as a glorified Plex library for the network (I5-7600k, ASRock z270 Pro4, 16gb 3200 16CL, PCIe wifi card, GTX 1060 6GB), and an unmanaged gigabit switch currently used to wire in smart TV, work laptop, etc. unfortunately while my modem has 2 ethernet ports, my ISP only allows one IP. Again, a lot of topics here, and asking some broad questions, so I don't mind some broad answers... @Bert I'm unsure if you work directly for Netduma? If it's not a conflict of interest, have you considered any fee based advising on the side? It seems criminal to ask for all this expertise to be spoon fed when I'd rather just pony up some cash for a consultation if you feel you have the answers here... Pertinent info from anyone welcome, again, looking for concrete networking advice, not youtubes from content creators or "try turning this off, I got a sick KD for 3 games after I did"...
  5. Thanks Liam, My apologies for such a delayed response... As of now it looks like the firmware update (or something being reset by the update) has solved the IPv6 issue on my end. If anyone is having the same issue with a DHCP setup - For the moment everything is working as expected when using the get DNS from ISP automatically function, but I've personally had to also select "use DHCP server" for IP address assignment (auto config value wasn't working out)... Of course all of this may be specific to my ISP, so YMMV. Thanks again Mods for being so active on the forum, great to have a "one-stop-shop" for troubleshooting.
  6. Hi Mods, Router: XR1000 Firmware: ISP: Cox (USA) - DHCP IPv6 support Modem: Arris SB8200 (Restricted from placing router into modem's DMZ / confirmed IPv6 works hardwired Modem>PC) Random Settings: Gaming ports forwarded / QOS on / UPnP on Having all of the other issues you're well aware of at this point (slow firmware, high CPU load, 3rd core showing no usage, disappearing port forward rules, etc), but what's really becoming an issue is the router dropping it's IPv6 connection... Having realized my device had no IPv6 connection (although the option was checked), did a factory reset with no luck. followed troubleshooting from another customer (Link), after fetching DNS from ISP and then enabling "Use these DNS servers" with those addresses and "Use DHCP Server", IPv6 support was kickstarted back online... Like the previous poster, this fix was only temporary (lasting a day and a half or so before dropping again). Please let me know if you have any suggestions or known workarounds. I hope this issue has been raised enough to be included in the forthcoming firmware update? I'd like to preemptively thank you guys and commend you for your diligent work on the forums, super refreshing to see the customer service level so high. Partnerships like you have with NG are part of growth, and can be "unavoidable" in business. I hope you're making those NG teams highly aware of the negative feedback you receive on their behalf while they painfully drag-out product support... It's unfair for you guys to take that heat while they offer next to no customer service.
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