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  1. Ok sounds good. I know this isn't a suggestion box, but if you have any say in things like this maybe pass it along. I feel like it would be a good idea if there was a cache of logs that were specifically saved because the internet cut out or other errors. maybe keep them in there for 24h and then delete, idk.
  2. DumaOS wasn't available because the internet was down so each of those logs were downloaded after a reboot.
  3. Also, appreciate the quick replies and attention given. Thanks
  4. Just happened again 20 minutes later. QoS has been fully disabled the entire time as that was something that was recommended to fix another bug. log-1634138989480.txt
  5. Hello, Fraser told me to start a new post for this issue. My router will be working fine and then multiple times a day (feels like its when my roommate uses his macbook or apple tv) the router will randomly stop working entirely and need to be rebooted. I tried changing the DHCP leasing time to 168. Still happening just as frequently. Attached is the most recent log. log-1634137506361.txt
  6. I'm having the same issue. It seems to be happening when my roommate is also using the wifi. It especially seems to happen when Apple devices are involved (laptops and apple tv). It's happening multiple times a day and is unbearable. I tried changing the DHCP leasing to 168. Nothing is helping.
  7. The model number is UN65H7150, its a samsung smart tv running the current software (2230) For the time being i have my apple tv plugged into my rommates tv so hopefully he doesn't continue to consider this to be a dealbreaker. If he's happy with that i'll let y'all know and we can drop this. It does appear to be an odd thing and i don't wanna have to send the router back because of it. If it works with all of his other devices as it is with mine currently it should be fine.
  8. Ohhh gotcha, I will do that on my lunch break. currently wfh and need the internet for a few hours.
  9. Alright, i switched off ipv6 in both places, but what do you mean by go direct to the modem?
  10. back down to .3 on the r2 through the combo factory reset the tv as well, same result.
  11. I had to reactivate the service through an app on my phone to get the combo to work. The r2 is connected to a netgear cm1100 which is connected to the coax. (only the combo is plugged in currently, but this is my current setup)
  12. It's a modem/router combo so i had to reactivate it. I'm getting 6mbps on that connection. same distance to the tv on a POS 100 dollar combo.
  13. It connected to 5ghz just fine, the speeds were .6mbps still, antennae are looking like that currently
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