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  1. Hi Fraser, What solution can I have with you about the VPN of the RX1000 router since it does not have the hybrid VPN? that was my only alternative to connect via vpn express to the servers in the USA and reduce the pin Regards
  2. Hi LIAM, -I understand what you are saying, but if it disappoints a lot. -I live in Colombia, I bought the RX1000 to reduce the ping that I have is 90MS or 100ms, which is impossible where I am, because of the distance and the HFC coaxial network technology, what kind of technology do they guarantee to reduce the ping with this RX1000 router , I have 200Mb download and 11MB upload? Regards
  3. HI Liam -At the time, I bought the RX1000, because I thought that he had the VPN Hybrid, now as I investigated I feel a bit disappointed by the product since it has a limitation with the VPN issue. and it does not allow routing to where I want, -my question is. When you think you are going to place this function of the VPN Hybrid to the RX1000, I need to know to see if I return the product and buy the NET DUMA R2 because I see that this RX1000 is more focused on WIFI solutions, since both have the duma 3.0 system. ┬┐Or please explain to me that the R2 differs from the RX1000? Link Express VPN configuration R2 https://www.expressvpn.com/support/vpn-setup/setup-expressvpn-openvpn-netduma-r2-router/
  4. hi Newfie, I am from a region of Latin America, and I need to connect through the express VPN, since this service allows me to lower the ping and have faster connections for my online games from my PS5 device or from the device that I want to connect, I see that the NETDUMA R2 router has this VPN hybrid option enabled and on the Express Vpn page you have the guide and the integration of the NETDUMA R2 router to the VPN service
  5. Hello You can update the netgear RX1000 router with another different firmware such as the netduma r2 that has the option of the VPN hybrid enabled, I need to connect with my express VPN account for the gaming issue on my PS5 device, because for this new router with the software duma os3.0 I could not find a solution. Regards
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