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  1. The advice helped the problem is solved thank you for the quick help
  2. Tried that already and I also tried a factory reset and it didnt help 😕
  3. Hey guys I have a XR500 together with the fritzbox and since today my XR500 doesent give me my full download and upload speed no more. Instead of 100 down and 40 up I get 9 Down and 8 up. With my Fritzbox I still get 100 down and 40 up. I updated my Fritzbox firmware today so that might be related. Fritzbox + XR500 combo - When connected to Fritzbox i have full internet speed - With XR500 only 9 mbits download though (max connection 100 down 40 up) - Share excess is active - QoS When priority is detected, both on 70% perfect
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