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  1. Hi Liam, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, you were right, it mustve had something to do with the cache or some weird security toggle. all working now. thanks mate Gage
  2. Hi Liam, I am not using any ad blocker extension, only the adblocker in Game optimiser. However I will try the different browser tomorrow morning before I leave on holidays and see what happens. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Having a few issues with accessing game optimiser on PC. the optimiser was being really slow on loading the pages so i decided to reset duma os, after the reset, these weird errors popped up and the game optimiser page jist said 'your no longer connected to you router'. These messages were : Uncaught ReferenceError:d3 is not defined Uncaught TypeError: tree.invalidateData is not a function Uncaught {object Object} This only occurs on my PC, my phone and ipad have no trouble, so im assuming this may be a firewall issue, but i am unsure. I run Windows 10 Home 64 Bit on my custom rig. Hope i gave enough info. Thank guys Manchild
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