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  1. the auto ping host should I have it activated?
  2. so should i leave it in nat type 2? I already put it in dmz, I have nothing else to do?
  3. I have moderate nat and I need to open it, I am looking at the configuration you passed me but I have to put it into router mode first.
  4. I have already managed to access, I have it connected to another router to play ps5 warzone, what configuration do you recommend? Greetings and a thousand thanks for the help
  5. no, I can't access it, the lights keep blinking since I connect it and it doesn't do anything else.
  6. Buenas tardes , podria ayudarme con mi netduma ? tengo el netduma R1 , y lo acabo de conectar y estan todas las luces parpadeando y no hace nada mas que puedo hacer? saludos ! IMG_3537.MOV
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