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  1. Wow thank you, took a bit but I got it down. I see the servers coming up now. 👍
  2. Yea I have my radar scanning, however no server icon pops up, its just blank while scanning. I don't have strict mode on. Also I can not turn filtering mode, I guess thats the p2p one? but nothing pops up while I am in lobbies.
  3. Hi I just got my Netduma R2 today, and I main Destiny 2, and I see the radar working and everything, but dont see any of the destiny server popping up. I dont know if it is working or not.
  4. Exactly, and I thought Lag switching couldn't be possible in Destiny 2, since now it is by server connectivity rather than p2p. Unless they are lag switching the whole server just to get that 1v1 win. 🤷‍♂️ I dont know, here is another idea. What if a feature that can detect lag switchers, there has to be some kind of signature trace or marker they leave of after a kill like hunting an animal, at least having some closure that this individual won by pressing his Lag Switcher.
  5. Oh its easy, you can easily see recent videos on youtube of Destiny 2 players lag Switching people, like I watch a video that was only 3 weeks old. And I am not 100% sure, I find it weird during gameplay running around on not lagging, but once I aim down and about to 1v1 someone, I start to lag and boom dead.... and I got high speed internet playing in 20ping games. And those who I believe are lag switching have flawless title for trials. And about COD, don't play as much compared to Destiny 2, but really been prevalent on Destiny 2.
  6. Been facing tons of Lag switchers in Destiny 2 and Call of Duty. Really it is in every competitive game, and after thinking about routers in general it is a technology that has not been keeping up with the advancements of online interactions. And really if anyone come up with this feature for any router, it would sell like hot cakes if it works.
  7. I am not a software engineer so I wont know the full extent to what I am about to say. But, lag switchers has become a world wide pandemic in cyber gaming. How difficult would it be to create a feature on the DumaOs to where it would protect you from Lag switchers in any online game. For example, like a reverse Uno card feature to where if you face a Lag switcher, you reflect it back to him making him lag on himself.
  8. Do you know what is the current ETA for completion and Delivery ? like 1 week 2 weeks?
  9. Hello, I have order my Netduma R2 about three days ago, I have not receive a shipping tracking number yet and paid for one day shipping as well.
  10. Awesome, yes I recently saw you mention that to someone about a month ago, just wanted to confirm if anything changed within one months time since then. And connecting to nearest servers for best connectivity is more than enough anyone could ask for anyways. Thumbs up 👍
  11. I recently saw on previous post that the Geo-filter only work for server blocking on Destiny 2 and no longer work as a p2p. I am planning on ordering the Netduma R2 and I play Destiny 2 on PC. My question is and please elaborate, does server blocking on Destiny 2 still work on Netduma R2 still for PC? or has the server blocking option also been patched recently?
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