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  1. I have my own dns server at my house and would like dhcp to set it because i can then see logging for each device on my dns server. If i just set the dns on my router, i will only see dns queries from my router instead of each individual device. I could also set it manually on my devices but i have about 30 devices on my network and that would be a pain to setup. To achieve this, i now have to disable dhcp on my router and also have pihole do that.
  2. In the attached image, i could add my own dns server that would get distributed via dhcp vs having to send a dns request to the gateway and then the gateway forwarding on the request to the dns server set on it.
  3. so sorry for the delay with this. Right now, i have the xr1000.
  4. Id like to be able to set my device dns address via dhcp rather than having the router get queried. example https://emulator.tp-link.com/C9v5_eu_webpages_new/index.html Advanced>network>internet Advanced>dhcp server if I could set it per device, I can use pihole to monitor my network better
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