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  1. Thanks Fraser so much it seems to be working now so I guess I will leave the qos disabled then, thanks for your help 😁
  2. okay thanks for replying but something doesn't seem right as it works first time with my vpn, in fact thats the only reason i got a vpn a couple of years ago as it was the only way i could get netflix to work. the game even loses connection when i disconnect my vpn and won't connect again until i enable vpn. very odd and plusnet were no help when i messaged them just said it's not something they could help me with.
  3. No devices added to the geo filter at the moment. There was a post on the plusnet forums from a few years ago, someone couldn't connect a particular app and plusnet said it might be he was allocated an ip address from another country or something and to unplug modem for 90 minutes and that may fix it. I tried that though and it didn't work. Yes phone and every other device connects to wifi no problem just asphalt 9 connection error over wifi but works perfect with 4g data. I have messaged plusnet to see if they can think of anything. I did have a strange thing happen on my plusnet broadband a couple of years ago in my last flat, netflix box art would not load properly on any device and yet with a vpn it was fine. They did something to fix it eventually. Not using a vpn at the moment although I do have one I could try, never thought of that.
  4. Hello, can anyone help, I am using the beta firmware the android game asphalt 9 will not connect over wifi with my xr500 yet it works perfectly over 4g. I don't know if this is an isp issue or something going on with my router, it happens with two brand new phones. I have a draytek vigor 130 as the modem going into the xr500, also this may be irrelevant but my internet drops every now and then, the vigor 130 seems to be at fault i can see the dsl light blinking when my web pages stop working.
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