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  1. Hi, have experienced that sometimes R2 doesnt show up on wifi & at the same time ps5 gets disconnected as well. Note ps5 is on wired
  2. The nearest sever to Kolkata, India is Singapore.
  3. I also feel that my aim assist doesnt work & sound is distorted a bit. Sometimes its not smooth.
  4. But the red lights are blinking sometimes.
  5. Hi Fraser, I am getting 60-70 ms when I get connected to singapore servers. Yes the download & upload packets are red as visible in the pic. They are constantly red, not blinking while playing.
  6. Can we do any changes to overcome it.
  7. But as I can see there is a lot of variation. I am feeling lagged. While playing core dying like hardcore. 1 shot death
  8. Can you pls analyse why there is so much of variation or is this normal? Screen shot attched.
  9. Forgot to mention about the dns. My isp has its own dns. Will google dns enhance the gameplay ? & if I override the dns do I need to put the same dns in ps5 settings too?
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