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  1. Interesting. Does Deep Packet Inspection add latency? May be best for me to disable QOS entirely with Fiber? Will do more testing, but it is hard to tell what's placebo or not personally. Thank you.
  2. I rarely play public matches, so Geo-Filter is not useful for me. Can you shed some light on what Duma classified games actually does? Does it only apply to UDP traffic from specific ports? I have read some on this forum that applying these rules actually are better for traffic prioritization; Source 3074-3076 destination 30000-45000 udp rule 1 Source 30000-45000 destination 3074-3076 udp rule 2 Source 3074-3076 destination 3100-3500 udp Source 3100-3500 destination 3074-3076 udp In your opinion, would it be best to select my PC and just choose Game Console, try the above mentioned rules, or only leave classified games turned on with no other adjustments? Thank you for your help!
  3. I do not have the firmware for connection benchmark in DumaOS for my XR500
  4. Below are screenshots of a pingplotter test while doing a bufferbloat test from dslreports. I dont really experience lag in-game, but I just want the best connection possible.
  5. Hello, While I realize that the "best" settings are not necessarily the same for everyone, I was looking into the optimal settings for me. I have an internet connection speed of around 850 down and 420 up. I have set this in my XR500 anit bufferbloat and changed the slider to 70% for both upload and download. For traffic prioritization, I have disabled classified games and input custom rules for the ports for PC CW, which are TCP: 3074,27014-27050 and UDP: 3074-3079 according to https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war/. These are set to my desktop that I play the game on. Are these the optimal settings for me. Do I even need to use the anti buffer bloat slider since I have such high speeds? Should I set this to always, instead of when high priority traffic is detected? Any recommendations or improvements you may see are appreciated.
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