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  1. Oh okay, thanks for the information. I just put it back to router mode so I can access the DumaOS features again.
  2. Hello netduma, I recently put my xr500 router into access point mode and after that when I tried to get into dumaOS after logging in with my xr500 WIFI credentials it shows this error message said "Uncaught TypeError: $(...)[0].getApp is not a function" for some reason. This error showed up on both of the browsers which was google chrome and Microsoft edge as I only have those browsers on my computer. Anyway someone from netduma support can help me fix this please? Thanks
  3. Hello netduma, I just signed up for the dumaos 3.0 beta for my xr500 router through the beta participation sign up google form. Can someone from the netduma team by any chance check my status of the dumaos 3.0 beta form and send me the file of the firmware please? Thank you
  4. Hello did you get a response back from your team yet regarding if they can add black ops 3 to the ping heatmap list for me?
  5. Sorry, I meant the dumaos 3.0 beta firmware for the xr500 not the dumaos v2-3-2-120 firmware.
  6. Hello netduma, before I saw and I heard that now netduma is giving the dumaos 3.0 firmware for people who have the xr500 routers. So I was wondering if any possible someone from netduma by any chance can give me a link of the dumaos 3.0 beta firmware file so I can download it and install it to my xr500 router please? Thank you
  7. Oh okay let me know what they said when they contact you back then.
  8. My QoS settings is 99% on both download and upload and it's set to always as shown here.
  9. I'm not rushing you or anything but did you reach out to your team if they can add black ops 3 to the ping heatmap for me yet?
  10. Hello netduma, I play black ops 3 as of now so is there anyway I can add black ops 3 to the ping heatmap so I can find some low ping servers for the game because it's not listed along with the other games. Thanks
  11. Yes because I remember when I was playing black ops 3 it experience some lags when trying to win a gunfight against an opponent.
  12. Hello NetDuma, I have a little issue with my xr500 router because I ran a connection benchmark test and then the speed and ping tests are A+ but the ping under load is a C. Can anyone from netduma help me or give me ideas to fix the ping under load test to go to an A+ please? Thank you
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