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  1. Come on, that can't be it surely? The temps are well within acceptable levels for tech equipment, the area where it lives is out in the open, cool and well ventilated (just on top of a cabinet near the TV). And if it is, and this thing is that sensitive to heat surely that's a manufacturing defect? What are the long term plans to remediate this issue? The ability to schedule a regular reboot would be valuable here.
  2. No it feels within operating params but if there is a method to connect via SSH and glean this info I'm more than happy to do it.
  3. Not specifically Liam no, it starts with random web pages not loading. No particular pattern. It's been going on for ~2-3 days, usually the complete crash/freeze happens shortly after.
  4. Hey Fraser, I've started to notice the symptoms which usually lead up to the router freezing/crashing, but the device has not locked up yet. I dont see any smoking gun in the device metrics beyond an 80% CPU spike upon login but that drops off pretty quickly. I've uploaded my latest pre-crash logs. Best, Ryan log-1624523389847.txt
  5. Interestingly I got a second failure 15mins ago while I was looking at your message. I now have a static reservation on the Virgin Hub, the router IP is now in the DMZ on the Virgin Hub and on the Duma I've configured the static IP rather than DHCP. I'll monitor it now. Next time it freezes is there any way to capture the pre-freeze/reboot logs? I can capture them following the issue but that's only giving us half the picture
  6. Found log file download button on a hunch, see attached. log-1623613689015.txt
  7. Hey Fraser, I changed into router mode, configured the virgin hub the two have been working fine together. It actually seems to be performing better with the virgin hub acting as the WAN router. Then today, I got another freeze. So we've improved, we're down to once a week which is liveable but it does feel a lot like a memory leak. Happy to pull the logs if required, though I'll need a pointer as I don't see where I can download a copy on this device. Best, Ryan
  8. That's interesting Fraser, I'll try the Hub in Router mode and disable the WiFi. I've always known it as best practice not to run two routers adjacent to each other, either run one or the other. I've also noticed a ton of these warnings in the logs; kern.warn kernel: [ 116.689456] HTB: quantum of class 10008 is big. Consider r2q change I noticed an article when searching for answers on the Netgear forum regarding their devices running Dumaos and it was suggested as an attempt to compromise the device, is that possible? I assume the default switching position of the device when it stops responding is all ports disabled? https://community.netgear.com/t5/Hardware-VPN-Firewalls-and/HTB-quantum-of-class-11024-is-big-Losing-internet/td-p/1538066
  9. Hello, On a daily basis I'm having to reboot my R2, it's typically around the same time. The router appears to lock up, the WLAN and LAN loses internet connectivity and it takes a hard reset of the router to restore service. I've also attempted to reach the router when the issue occurs using powershell to release/renew the IP configuration - the router is unresponsive. My current setup is like below; Ethernet LAN [PC/XBOX/UC DEVICES]-----[Cisco PoE Switch]-----[NETDUMA R2]-----[Virgin SuperHub 3] Ethernet LAN [iPhone/iPad/Laptop/UC Devices]-----[NETDUMA R2]-----[Virgin SuperHub 3] It feels a lot like a memory leak on the router but I've not noticed a gradually increasing CPU and RAM nor any odd or repeating log entries which would accompany such an issue. Can you advise?
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