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  1. Hello Support, I do have a Netduma R1 I did upgrade to DumaOS 3.0 to try it after a 30 min i did downgrade to the version R1-v-1-03-6j the process did take a long time like 30min then i was forced to shutdown then restard the it, after this the wen UI is not accessible but the internet is working. Any advice on how can i recover the web ui using nmau serial port or any method
  2. Hello @Fraser can i have access to the new OS ?
  3. did you try to allow them befor?
  4. Thank you Newfie I will take a look
  5. @Fraser any update or news?
  6. Hello everyone, can someone help me figure out how can we make it work again, after the SDR patch nothing will work, the community say there is another method but i don't know which, I heard using linux box to allow and deny packet will be the next solution but not sure or how, any advice or support will be appreciated.
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