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  1. Ok thank you for help 😃 Have nice Day 😎
  2. I live 20 min From Cambridge I can bridg my router to netduma .Netduma Ltd. Sheraton House Castle Park Cambridge CB3 0AX
  3. Now internet not working. Something wrong with my router. I live near Cambridge. Maby I can bring router . O send
  4. Not working . I have internet butt I can conect with app/interface and wifi not working in router
  5. Netduma not show on my mobile . PC internet works butt I can Connect with net duma . Wifi not show on PC. Mayb software on my router is broken. Becase wifi not working at all
  6. No i use router like 3 month . Internet works butt Just by cable
  7. i cant login to dumaos/ or ip and wifi not show on my pc or mobile
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