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  1. Got it figured out. Opened a support ticket with Netgear. One of their thoughts was do perform factory reset on the S8000 switches. After both were reset everything worked! Thanks again for all your help on this. Was super frustrating figuring this out!
  2. Okay have an update on this issue. Had to move the router to get a stronger signal throughout the house. This allowed me to pull new CAT6 cables from my modem and each of the two 8-port switches to the new router location. After all of that, there was no change. Then I found another strange issue. I cannot have both smart tv's using WIFI at the same time. When I do I cannot stream to the upstairs tv. After I switch the downstairs tv to wired the upstairs tv works. Strange for sure. As a test I decided to changeout the 8-port Nighthawk switch with a dumb FS105 Netgear unmanaged switch. Switched the downstairs tv to wired connection and was able to stream from my phone to the tv. Changed back to the Nighthawk switch and it did not work. So there is something going on within my switch config? Double checked the switch config and it is set to no VLANs.
  3. Yes, this was the cable that went to the switch. The only cables connected to the router were from the cable modem and my PC. All other LAN devices were disconnected from the router. Switched TV to WiFi and noticed the IP was .12. TV also shows up as LAN device at .10.
  4. I ran a cable on the floor from the TV directly to the router. In this configuration I was able to connect to it using my phone. One thing I noticed is that when I unplugged the cable from my TV it did not drop off the device list. Should it not have moved to the offline area? Also noticed that the TV has two IP's listed on its status in the router. Not sure where this other IP is coming from. Tried to remove the TV from the router device status list but it will not let me because it shows it is online. I even unplugged the cable from my router that goes to all other wired devices and none of them changed to the offline group. That to me is strange.
  5. Well that did not last long. Worked at first and then stopped. Checked the switch and it does not have any VLANs setup. Then checked the IP of the TV and my phone. Both are the same subnet. Puzzling what is so different from the old router to the new.
  6. Thanks for your feedback. In re-reading the S8000 manual to figure out how to configure it, I found my mistake. I re-pulled some network cables and when I plugged them into the switch I did not put the router cable in the right port. Had it in port 7 and it needed to be in port 8. After I moved it everything started working just fine. Thanks again!
  7. Had the same thought. Switched TV to WiFi and I can connect to it with my phone. My network is setup as follows. Comcast modem -> XR1000 -> Nighthawk S8000 8-port switch -> wired devices |->WiFI
  8. I recently replaced my old Nighthawk R8000P with a XR1000. For some reason now I am unable to connect my phone to my wired TV. I have another TV connected using WiFi and it works. Checked the router settings and cannot find anything obvious. Shutdown the new router and powered up the old and everything works fine. Any idea what setting I need to change to get this to work?
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