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  1. should i have ipv6 disabled? that is the default setting. I have geo filter completely disabled and still getting moderate
  2. Yeah it did fail at first. I clicked fix it and it still came up moderate. I did a computer restart and tried the process again still showing moderate.
  3. no. I dont play on console I play on pc
  4. yes with geo filter off im nat moderate
  5. my nat type on cod is mod with out geo filter on
  6. I think i have it straighten out
  7. no its not enabled and today I got a new modem a netgear cm1200 as of now I just did another reset because of new modem
  8. I have a Motorola arris SB6190 modem. The router is of course a netgear nighthawk xr1000. Yes I have all my devices hooked up to the network. Cell phones tablets a pc I game on and a Xbox. I think I’m using a DHCP. Vlan bridge is disabled. For PPPoE I can’t tell you because I know very little
  9. Congestion control is on always I leave it on always. I run download 40% and upload ay 83% seems to be the best. I just get random spikes up past 100ms. I THINK my isp has my modem settings locked so I cant do dmz. bandwidth allocation is default. I just did a router reset because my speeds were not running at set qos speeds.
  10. I was wondering if someone can help me set up QOS on this router. I keep getting really bad spikes and cant seem to get a steady ping! I have spectrum internet and just bought a new modem yesterday. Its a arris sb6190 with intel chip. I wonder if there on main settings I am missing etc! I get a 30ms to ping to google from ping plotter but when i stress it will go into 100s sometimes..
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