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  1. Hello, i think the problem is with sony, they have changed something. I don't try anymore
  2. 44 / 5000 √úbersetzungsergebnisse hello, have you already found a solution?
  3. there is only "remote random".
  4. sorry i'm an absolute beginner. what should I enter in the DNS field?
  5. Hello. I have an openvpn file from express vpn. how do i find the required information ip, gateway and subnet mask ... i go to the second point -> static? thanks
  6. Thank you! So I restarted everything and still get the wrong location. How can I change the DNS settings? I hope it is clear that I am not from the netherlands. in the netherlands there is only the physical server of the virtual server. So the VPN works kind of, but not properly...
  7. hello, i use expressVPN with open VPN. This VPN is a virtual server. The physical server is in the Netherlands. I've been using this VPN for several days and in Call of Duty: Warzone I always got the correct country displayed for the geographical location. But since this morning I no longer get the country reported, only the Netherlands. I haven't changed anything. I also did a DNS leak test and it was shown to me that there was such a DNS leak. is there perhaps a connection there? thank you for any help!
  8. Sorry, I have another question. if i use a vpn we say in a country without a server and additionally only do the geofilter around the server in the middle of france. do I get exactly the same players as if I don't use the vpn and put the geofilter around this server? or am I then put into a lobby with more players from the country of the VPN? Thank you!
  9. okay i thought so! Thanks for the answer!
  10. So I did a factory reset and now everything works as before. i was able to select a server in france and see the authentication server as allowed outside of the geo filter. hope this is correct ... if i make a small circle around the server in france, do i block all players from other countries? So am I guaranteed to only play with French players or with all players who access this server? Thanks for the help!
  11. many thanks for the quick response. I deleted everything, restarted and made the filter radius large. As before, I only have this one server and do not get any other information.
  12. Hello, i have an allowed server outside of my geo filter. When starting warzone, no other servers are displayed to me either. A photo is attached Thanks for any help.
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