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  1. Hi, I broke an antenna of R2. Can I buy a new one separately? Thanks!!
  2. With rebooting it, still the same. I did a reset to factory settings and now seems to be OK. Not at the full speed (50) but 30mbps in 2.4 ghz on channel 6. I set it with ppoe to have open nat for cod and dns and secondary Qos is 90% download and upload with auto enable. 5ghz has the full speed (50-51mbps)
  3. I turned it off but the problem is still the same. 0.5mbps
  4. I tried both but the same. Now I set it to automatic. The only thing I didn't check is the wireless telephone which is near the router. I will try now to turn it off
  5. No I have them separated cause many devices uses the 2.4GHz. Channel 6 is not used by anyone in my area so I choosed this. I have tried all channels but speed is the same.
  6. Hi, I'm new on netduma r2 and my 2.4GHz wifi speed is too low (0,5mbps). The 5GHz is fine (51mbps.)
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