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  1. I looked into ubiquiti, their products are more like wireless and switch based. Not a go for me . But UI seems good. Draytek seems have the most advance feature with QOS, CMS and VPN. and they have a router version. Even though their UI looks horrible and nothing near to DumaOS, which I wished . Anyway, I am going to look into their router. Thanks for the help!
  2. Can you please tell me an enterprise grade router which have this facility then? I believe my requested feature is not that over expectation as most of are just some linux packages which mostly related with software. So more likely I am looking for a great software with this available options. I have went through netgear R7000, 2 Dlink different interface Dir 882 and Dir 841. neither of them could fullfil what I require with official firmware. Except only a third party software FT. Which why I am only sticking with netgear r7000 now But when today I saw DumaOS and its powerful interface, I really loved it and fell in love and decided to make an upgrade to XR1000 which available at my area!. I will be sad now if my requirements don't support this.... as I really had hope that it would have these support.
  3. Thank you very much Seems like I don't have either of those 2 version in my country. They seems discontinued. Only XR1000 available. I have already seen Hybrid App in some youtube video. it was hard to find a proper video with detail features. Though I did not see any policy routing based split tunneling option in that VPN feature. Suppose, I want specific site to pass over through my OpenVpn configuration profile settings #1. Like this I can have more configuration profile. similar feature as FreshTomato. Which is mostly important. Split Tunnel which only is available on Hybrid App I think is based on Hardware Mac specific. I need this option too. But Policy Base Routing also necessery. Network monitor with access to which web address is necessary too, also capability of blocking any suspicious url from the list for specific hardware mac. I can live without the hosting support, not recommended. Though what I tried to mean is launching a website out of router with its built on apache, mysql server package etc. I still could not see policy based split tunneling, I need all feature of split tunneling in a VPN. I mean complete openvpn supportive features. Maybe its there, I don't know as I seen some old youtube videos. Also, I saw XR1000 support DumaOS 3.0? So you saying it still don't contain any vpn client support?
  4. I am looking for a router which can help me with below features. Right now I am using R7000 with custom firmware Tomato. Moved from horrible Dlink dir 882 interface with so low feature. But it seems netgear also unstable with vpn split tunneling and takes a long time to initialize after reboot. I recently found out about DumaOS, not sure if it will support my R7000 as a custom firmware but I am ready to buy the XR1000 version only if it can support bottom features. I could not find more detail about VPN or could see its page configuration. So whoever owns one, please suggest. Allows you to add multiple VPN Client config with support of open vpn client protocol. Allows you to split connect with high stability and quick configurations, without losing host connection. Allows you to kill internet access automatically for specific tunnel access if vpn is not connected before. Router firmware always up to date and highly stable. Can run NAS drive with high speed read write for both Portable USB drive or pen drive. As most of competitor router support low 10MB to 25MB. When drive read write is 100MB. I need it maximize. Have FTP support, easiy to install web server script to launch websites and mysql php. Something like Tomato Firmware. Can monitor all IP access LOGs visiting website addresses on LAN to Network. Support Bandwidth limiter, Restrict Access Schedule Based on Mac, something like Tomato Firmware. High security firewall preventing any hacks or attackers to sniff traffic. Good for gaming and streaming.
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