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  1. As soon as I find a solution to this problem and I will find a solution, I will post it on this website for all to see, these people posting these private discords encourages the individuals that do this stuff for money to keep doing so, keeping it a secret and a good boy club thing doesn’t help your argument, you’re just encouraging the behavior. If you’re afraid of somebody taking the solution and charging for it, you post it for everyone to see.
  2. Then what’s the issue with posting it on here, if it’s “FREE” for all to know? and thank you for confirming, so people know before joining🙃
  3. Just so everyone is aware the link for the discord they’re sharing does not actually give you the solution they have some weird leveling up garbage that eventually gets you into a private server it’s a scam don’t trust it, if these guys actually cared about the solution they would be posting it here
  4. It’s not free this is a scam
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