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  1. Hi, I am wondering if there's a way to block apps like tiktok, snapchat, facebook, instagram and wtv else disgusting and filthy applications out there. I know you can use the adblock feature to add domains and all, but althought blocking facebook and instagram was fairly easy on computer, it does not work at all on mobile. I am looking for a way to block all of these for specific devices ( function that duma os does not have yet ) I dont want to block facebook on my mom s devices but I want to block it on my little sisters devices for example. So adblock for each device personnalized and maybe even a time frame these domains are blocked or whatever. I would like to limit my sister to only 1 hour of Roblox a day for example. If these features exist, i would very much like to know how it works. For now at least, if someone could help with blocking social media apps on android/iphone I would love that...
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