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  1. I'm on a Macbook pro. Tried first in Safari, then Google Chrome. It's weird that a month ago the Wifi settings interface was working perfectly, so it's not the browsers. In fact I was really enjoying the router before it became unstable. Now it's boxed and replaced by and old cheap router. 😔
  2. I can access the interface through both ethernet and wireless default NetdumaR2 SSID. However, when I try to customize the wifi settings (new SSID, password, disable 5GHz, channels, etc) the interface doesn't applies any changes after I click 'save' neither after system reboot from the menu at the top right corner.
  3. Unfortunately no. I have the Netduma R2 which has no buttons (as the XR1000). I tried to re-install the firmware 3.0.205 (which it already had) but the process got stuck for 5 hours with the massage (the systems is in the final stage of installation). After 1,000 pin resets I can only see the default NetdumaR2 SSID being broadcast but I can't change any Wifi settings (SSID, password, mirror/unmirror, etc.) NetdumaR2 seems to be mysteriously unstable when compared to regular routers.
  4. When it was working, I used to have only 2.4Hz enabled because 5Hz signal had too short range. Now the SSIDs are not being broadcast even after 1,000 resets. What happens is no matter what settings I try (enabled/disabled/mirrored/unmirrored) I see only my neighborhood networks. Not even the default factory NetdumaR2 SSID is showing up after a pin reset. *** Is there some way to re-install the latest firmware (the one it already has) to restore the router to its factory settings ? As I said, pin reset and power unplugging did not work at all.
  5. After one month of use my R2 stopped providing wifi signal (both 2.4 and 5.0). Ethernet connection is fine but now I have no more wireless connection, even with the Wifi setup saying its enabled. These are all actions I tried, with no success: change the SSID name and password; disabled and re-enabled wifi on settings; repeating the same steps above using the navigator in private mode (clear cache); reboot the router; restart router unppluging the power cable for 30 minutes; hard reset the router by pressing the pin for 1-2 minutes (this function is not working, too) hard reset my ISP modem (assuming any possible conflict with the R2) factory reset When I tried to software/hardware reset, all settings are reset (QoS, priorization, device management, etc), but the wifi is still out. Any help ?
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