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  1. So I honestly think it's my ps4 or modem/router cause even when I plug the ps4 straight to the router/modem, it's still on nat type 3 so idk anymore. Could anybody just let me know if this ok tho for good setting? I think I'm done trying to get nat type 3 on my ps4 tbh ha 1. Do I leave DMZ mode on even tho it's not giving me a open port on ps4?Does it help me in terms of streaming and connection improvement? 2. On QoS, like I said before. It's just my ps4 and PC plugged in so I have the sliders on 80% each on the congestion control and it's on "ALWAYS", should I switch to "AUTO-ENABLE"? I do have "Traffic prioritization" off except the ports somebody told me to put earlier to help with streaming. 3. On network setting, there's something on there saying DMZ? DMZ IP address? Should I enable that? UpnP is "OFF" btw Anything that would help improve connection is appreciated.
  2. I'm about to enable dmz again to see if it changes anything
  3. Ok good, I can try again today but yeah, when I put I put the dmz mode on and tested the nat type on the ps4, it still was showing nat type 3
  4. ok I will, but did I do it right? Or I'm I suppose to put that IP that you said on there?
  5. nope, it wasn't that. I went to the info page on dumaos and got the wan IP from there and put that on the dmz, that what I was told to do
  6. no it was the "wan IP" on the info page on the netduma that I put there
  7. can't rn but I have the Ip on the netduma on it
  8. I have it off now cause it didn't work when I put it but it was here.
  9. Ok so I put wan IP on the DMZ but I still have NAT Type 3??
  10. Ok thank you!!! Yes, most of the time I game on the PS4 while streaming off the PC but sometimes I do play games on the PC. Depends on the games right? Cause I'm just a regular gamer, so I just it to be stable enough to play games/stream without issues.
  11. Is DMZ bad, anything I should look out for? Like would it effect my speeds or my family connection? It will just open my NAT type right? Also. I mostly use my PC for everything like, youtube, hulu, netflix streaming and sometimes games but I play more games on the PS4 tho like overwatch and single story games to take the load off the PC. So do you recommend to disable QoS or have it ON but prioritize more on my PC especially UPLOAD?
  12. Also I'm super confuse on this part, so I can still prioritize device or not? Cause rn I have it ON and it's only showing my PS4 and PC. But since everything is not plugged in to the netduma, there's no point of using QoS right? Just making sure cause now I'm just like?????????????
  13. Well that sucks, so there's nothing I can do in terms of NAT type? Like this has been very stressful that now I just want the netduma to be the source of the internet for my PS4 and PC but with NAT type 2 it least. I understand I can't control the prioritize of each device cause everything is not plug into it BUT I just want it to be like if I'm connect to my original modem/router without the NAT type issues. This is making it seem like NETDUMA is worthless and actually making harder for me in terms of everything....
  14. well like I said before, the family doesn't want to connect their stuff into the netduma. the setup is: Netgear c7000v2 Router/modem (everything connected to that even the NETDUMA R1) Netduma R1 = Only connected to that is my PS4 and PC (which has NAT type 3) That's why I'm asking if it's even worth having QoS on since I can't prioritize anything but my PS4 and PC. Also, when I have it on, my speeds are lower download when its on = 150-185 / download when is off = 220-240 upload when on = 6-8 / upload when is off = 9-11 I just wanted setting for streaming but this has been very stressful ha. Now I just want the the NAT type to be better cause idk, this is just to much. The picture below is also what I'm talking about, idk what y'all mean by modem interface? I'm super confuse
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