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  1. Will this tread work for the trouble shoot ?
  2. Yes I have for the 24 hours as you mentioned to someone else no luck it first accrued the other night when my son complained the wifi was out I looked and the two lights for the 2.4 and 5 were out it might have been caused by my roomba robot vacuum cleaner bumping into the wires hanging off of a power socket on the wall witch power my isp modem witch is plugged into a ups battery backup unit they basically help when the power go’s out you don’t loose power to the things you have plugged into it but yes it’s probably gonna need shipped in I’m sending the msconfig results to you guys now
  3. My r2 seems to be plagued with the reboot loop issue and I don’t know why It seems other are having the same issue I read to unplug it for 24 hours I know that it’s not going to fix it it’s definitely gonna need replaced it’s as if it’s being treated like a network switch for my isp modem and that about it 😔
  4. Didn’t they set you up for a replacement yakoibiza
  5. Fraser I’m having the same issue I have followed these same steps No luck ive been up all night Reading the forum trying everything I’m certain I’m gonna need to send it back for a replacement no wifi lights and everything I connect hardwire shows my isp modems name i can’t get into the interface at all I have Tryed everything
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