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  1. I will try this out, thanks!
  2. Geofiltering is working fine for me without whitelisting any servers that is outside my radius. The only problem is whenever I stop filtering and try to enable it again it doesnt work. Also my xbox party chat stops working after a while of filtering.
  3. The geofilter works great, except when I turn it off and filter again, it doesnt work anymore. The only solution I have found was to restart my game and start filtering. I would have to keep geo filter on the whole time in game.
  4. If bungie ever adds more servers will they automatically be applied in geo-filtering?
  5. Yes I could care less about solo/against friends, I just want to filter servers :) May I ask where you guys are doing tests on? Are you testing in comp, quickplay, or different game modes?
  6. Will I be able to filter to a different region with the new update?
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