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  1. I can’t push it in no further than what it can go in.I’m not a dumb ass when it comes to hooking stuff up.we been going at this for a week and 4 pages in and I’m still nowhere close to getting it fixed then I was on day one. I’m going with it being a netduma r2 router issue . I used it for almost a month and it was working fine .I have no other issue with my netgear router . It’s a little ridiculous to think it’s all these other problems when I’m not having a issue it’s my other router .I feel like I’m being pulled along.it’s been frustrating trying to deal with this due to how we have to communicate. If you can’t replace router then I see no point in going on I’m tired of coming home from work to unhook my working router and try to troubleshoot one that isn’t working.sorry to be like this but I’m frustrated at this point .
  2. yeah I can will have to be later this evening and I believe it’s static.
  3. it’s cool I’ve tried in all 4 yellow ports and still same issue.
  4. this is one of the original pics I sent earlier in the conversation on last Saturday 5/1/21 and modem cable was plugged up in blue port
  5. It was originally in the blue port until I got this. I only have 1 Ethernet port on modem and 1 Ethernet port for internet on r2. I had it hooked up originally to the blue port before I got the earlier message from your co-worker .
  6. From modem to yellow port or from yellow to Xbox?
  7. I will when I get home from work but I have tried wireless and wired and still no internet
  8. I have to go through a router and I can’t hook up modem directly to anything.modem only has Ethernet port on back with no other ports.
  9. From modem Ethernet port goes to netduma and from there goes to Xbox and Xbox will not connect to internet.this is what I’m getting from Xbox 64194907505__42F4344B-8466-46CE-88E4-F905331A7807.MOV
  10. Spectrum modem and my netgear router works with same cables when I use my netgear router. Only thing I do when I swap out netduma and netgear is unplug cables from back of netduma and plug into netgear and Xbox and internet work fine .
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