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  1. The guest network did not help when I had it setup last year. I will have to try and figure out how to set it up again. We also have an UBI extender hardwired through the house (people who built it). I will have to see how that is connected and try that also (but only covers a small part of the house). My wife just shockingly called me from our living room, no breaking up or drop in the call. She googled it and went into her phone and reset the network settings in the phone. Don't know if maybe the phone saved information for the network from the old house causing issues or something!? We are occasionally able to make calls through house wifi, so will have to give it a day or two and see if this was the fix.
  2. Disabling private addresses did not help at all. This is becoming a problem as I am on call occasional weekends, and if my phone isn't able to ring....
  3. Has this issue been fixed? I have tried with my Qos off and on and still have the same problems. Sometimes the phone rings in my house, but 95% of the time I still have to stand in my driveway and turn wifi off to talk on the phone. (Reminder I am not a internet wizard so a lot of this DMZ,WAN, change your IP address talk goes right over my head). Cheers!
  4. I appreciate all the advice. I need the "wifi for Dummies" version. I am not a programmer/wifi expert and there is a lot of foreign language here. I will have to find some time to decipher and try some of these tips. Thanks!
  5. Nothing has worked that well. I have taken every step that I have been able to find and we still have issues with wifi calling. The one thing that helped was when I updated the software on the 500. It does not always work and is often bad, but I can make and receive some calls (usually still have to go outside). Wifi calling works just fine on other networks and my wife's phone has the same problems.
  6. Has this been fixed? I am still not able to get my wifi calling to work. (pretty rough since I have a metal roof and nearly no signal in my home). It will be nice to not have to turn my iphone wifi off and stand in my driveway to make calls!
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