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  1. Happened again... this time with much less workload. -.- Maybe I am unlucky and got a faulty device. Rebuild my Network with a OPNsense Appliance and Ubiquity AP at least everything is working again. Since the logs are not persistent I can not see what the last action was on the device! Or at least a Debug Mode with much more granular logs on device behavior for better troubleshooting. Sending the Netgear XR1000 back to Amazon. Thank you for your help NetDuma-Team Sincerely Val.
  2. Hello @Netduma Fraser I disabled QoS Congestion and Netgear Armor. I report back if something happens or if nothing happens. Best regards Val.
  3. As much as I know - Activision / Blizzard - Anti-Cheat is scanning all processes on the System and even Software installed or Injecting itself in memory. So if some program has a odd wording because that happened you can get banned for that. The other part are applications like screen captures, overlays, bloatware that come with PCs for (Acer had intrusive ones in the earlier days). Multiple Anti-Virus Engines could also spike False-Positive or even a Virus itself could trigger a Anti-Cheat Engine. Best regards Val.
  4. Hello @Netduma Fraser, the router is connected to a connector strip with surge protection -> DIGITUS: DIGITUS - Produkte <- English Product Site. What was in use at the given time - Almost like every day: Work Laptop connected via LAN to Sophos RED that is connected to the Router XR1000 Work Laptop connected at the same time to WiFi 5G to internal LAN Work Laptop workload: Business Applications over Sophos RED Site to Site VPN Tunnel / Split Tunnel for HTTP and HTTPs requests. RDP Connection to Private Laptop. Private Laptop connected via LAN to XR1000 doing Streaming (Youtube / Netflix and light browsing) also connected via RDP to Work Laptop. Amazon Show is always on but nothing I can do about that but was not activly doing stuff at the time. 2x iPhone connected to WiFi but no activity at the given time - Maybe App-Updates. Hope this helps... Best regards Val.
  5. Hello Liam, yes after a restart all is back but had issues first with the 5Ghz Antenna and LED Settings had to save them again to have it active. Device List DHCP on all but Devices have reserved leases in Settings via MAC address LAN1 Interface -> Laptop LAN2 Interface -> Sophos RED Appliance LAN3 Interface -> Phillips Hub 5Ghz WiFi Device 1 -> iPhone 1 Device 2 -> iPhone 2 Device 3 -> Amazon Show Issue did happen till now again... lets see... Best regards Val.
  6. With Crash I truly mean the device was unresponsive. Ping to Router was possible but http / https and iOS Application could not connect to Web-Interface of the router. (192.168.1.x) Checked IPs and ISP Modem - ISP Modem was in Sync and delivered an IP to WAN Interface of Router - So the issue is truly that the router just stopped functioning by itself. Best regards Val.
  7. Hello NetDuma-Team, my router just crashed out of the blue and since the log is not persistent I can not reconstruct the issue. I know nothing is perfect but that is strange that the router just crashed. Is there a way to have Persistent Logs? Like this even after a reboot it is possible to see what happened before it crashed. Got an idea why there is no Adbocker on the Netgear XR1000 and it is because of the Netgear Armor Service that acts as a DNS Server for the internal Network with un-transparent blocklists... DNS Chain: PC ----> Netgear Armor(XR1000) ----> Uplink DNS (Cloudflare) As an idea for people that do not want to use that Service a switch to the DumaOS V3 Adblocker would be awesome. ;) Sincerely Val.
  8. That is why I mentioned it "could" some ISP's do that. (Other ISP's tolerate double DialUP) On the MODEM part if it is transparent YES but if it is set to only Bridge the Ports with Internal (Private IP's) then NO - That is why I put the OR for different scenarios. Sincerely Val.
  9. Yeah the Version Numbers are confusing at first. Netgear Firmware Version: = DumaOS 3 but customized for Netgear Devices (Netgear Armor and no Adblocker yet?) Got conformation on my Post by NetDuma Team -> Best regards Val.
  10. Question: Does your Modem do PPPOE or does the XR do PPPOE? The reason why I ask is that if the XR does PPPOE for you and your Modem dials in too with PPPOE dependent on the ISP it could happen that you get double billed for Internet Dialup. OR If the XR does Dialup only then there is no need to change any settings! OR If the Modem only Dials Up and you have Private IPs on the Modem LAN and XR WAN Interface then the top settings apply. @Netduma Fraser that is untrue - Only if there is a Private Range between Modem LAN and XR WAN 192.168.0.x - The DHCP Service will Lease after a certain time and can disrupt communication between the to devices effecting the whole Home-Network randomly. That is why Static IP is a good thing for Security and Stability between Modem LAN and XR WAN. Plus a Service can be turned off that is not needed DHCP on the Modem LAN. Back to @Etherealize Your internal LAN on the XR can remain as is with the standard settings of /24 since the Internal XR LAN is on a different Subnet / Broadcast Network. That is why a Router Exists to connect two different Subnets / Networks / Broadcast Network. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Sincerely to both Val. P.S. Here a Network Diagram for better understanding if your setup is the same way:
  11. Hello @Etherealize to explain how IP Address works we just keep it simple with your IP's (XR-R2-R1) Router [Interface WAN] <---192.168.0.x /24 or> Modem [Interface LAN 1] Router WAN IP should be and the Modem LAN IP is depends on DHCP Settings from the Modem. The CIDR is 24 and refers on the bit's used for the subnet in that case 24 times a 1 or four times 8bit in Binary - Decimal 255 = 11111111 - So the Subnet is like 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000 - This means that the first three octets are not allowed to change on the IP Address - 192.168.0.x - The only octet to allowed to change is the fourth one from 00000000 to 11111111 in Dec 0 to 255 and since we use a IPv4 Protocol we are not allowed to use the first and the last Address in that range. Example: (Network Address) and (Broadcast Address) - The ones we are allowed to use is to That is were proper configuration can be of a advantage for IT-Security and Usability - Keep your ranges small - Example for the Router to Modem Network this is more then enough -> for the XR and for the Modem with the Subnet CIDR /30 - DEC - Binary 11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 00 Since we look at this in the Binary view it will look like: 11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 00 = (Network Address) 11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 01 = - Modem LAN IP 11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 10 = - XR WAN IP 11111111.11111111.11111111.111111 11 = (Broadcast Address) 255 .255 .255 .252 - Subnet Mask You can setup this Static for both Interfaces XR WAN and Modem LAN - To get rid of Re-Addressing the WAN interface when the Lease is over from the DHCP Server from the Modem - because that has to go thru a procedure every time we love to call DORA -> Discover - Offer - Request - Acknowledge - With Static IP's there is no need for the device to process all this. XR Example WAN IP Settings: IP Address: Subnet: Gateway: DNS1: Cloudflare DNS2: Cloudflare Modem LAN IP Setup: DHCP = Off LAN IP also Device IP = Subnet = On the XR LAN Side you are totally fine and can keep it as is. ^^ If there are any question do not hesitate to ask. Best regards Val.
  12. Hello @TxFrog33 There are a few Tools out there but in my Experience I love to use -> NVCleanstall by -> NVCleanstall (v1.9.0) Download | TechPowerUp The advantage here is that it downloads the current Nvidia Driver - Unpacks that and depends on your options Adds or Removes features you need or not - With a little explanation on the side. And BTW it is super easy to use. :) Best regards Val.
  13. Hello @TheJam how are you connected to the Internet / ISP? PC ----> Router XR ----> Modem ----> ISP OR PC ----> Router XR PPPOE ---> ISP Cable / DSL / ADSL / VDSL I ask this because it could also be a ISP related issue with DHCP Addressing or other Service Outages. Best regards Val.
  14. Hello Liam, of course there are super cool use cases: 1. As you mentioned Security 2. Network Overhead since IoT Devices tend to spam NTP Requests a central NTP Server could get that down to a minimum Option42 to Local IP and from there on DumaOS to Time Server over NTS 3. DoH and DoT of course in terms of Security Reasons 4. Lets Encrypt Support would do the following put the Router in Trusted Root CA so no more flags that the Device is unsecure in Browser because of Self-Signed Certificate. The other is for a Secure DynDNS Connection that is Encrypted from Point to Point and Verification that the Domain is legit plus some more Added advantages with VPN of course. Best regards Val.
  15. Hello as much as I understand how your Network looks alike I think I get the general Idea: PC ----> Hiltron ----> ISP (Before) PC ----> XR ----> Hiltron ----> ISP (After) As long as the Hiltron is not in Bridged Mode it will double NAT all Connections (NAT from XR and NAT from Hiltron) - What does Bridged Mode mean?! - No Firewall / No NAT - Just simple 1:1 Traffic Now VPN and RDP Depends how the VPN is configured some have Split-Tunneling others Route all traffic thru the VPN. My Setup is a little more complex but similar: Private PC ----> XR ----> ISP Modem ----> ISP (My Private Laptop) Work PC ----> Sophos RED ----> XR -----> ISP Modem -----> ISP (Work Laptop) I made it simple and connected my Work Laptop via Cable to the Sophos RED or as an example connect VPN with Wired Connection LAN Then Connected my Work Laptop again over the Wireless Network Work PC (LAN - 10.x.x.x) ----> Sophos RED or VPN ----> XR -----> ISP Modem -----> ISP (Work Laptop) Work PC (WIFI - 192.168.1.x) ----> XR -----> ISP Modem -----> ISP (Work Laptop) Private PC (LAN/WIFI - 192.168.1.x) ----> XR ----> ISP Modem ----> ISP (My Private Laptop) Since both are on the same Subnet, RDP should just work Out-Of-The-Box with no DNAT / SNAT settings. You just need to login with Domain credentials: Domain.local\Username or [email protected] Domain Password Tip: Device Manager is super useful to see what device has what IP - I prefer to go to DHCP Settings and Reserve the IP Like that it is always the same. If by any chance you have a SSL VPN Client try launching that "As Administrator" Like that DNS Routes are set correctly and afterwards if the Connections is established / connect additionally to the WiFi Network - Then it works just the same as above. ( Tested with OpenVPN Client / Sophos SSL VPN Client / Sophos Hardware RED Appliance) Sincerely Val.
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