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  1. All icon is red in device manager I read I try but do not work again
  2. I see in device manager my Mac mini but stil do not have internet ! How I can connect with every other router without problem and have problem only with netduma t? This think do not help me that you post I altered DHCP and IP but stil do not have internet
  3. No I do not use it traffic controller and Adblocker
  4. Mac connect to the WiFi and in dumaos I see that is connect but do not have internet
  5. I can not connect my Mac mini to internet and dumaos I try with cable and wifi the same results . I have MacBook Pro and connect to nedtuma without problem also all my device do not have problem only Mac mini. How to allow Mac mini to have Internet when is connect to netduma
  6. Express vpn and without using hybrid vpn make the same
  7. Yes can and is the same no make different
  8. I do you check the router before to send to customer because I can not understand why this not work properly ?
  9. https://youtu.be/3aTym9LgeUs also drop conection when I play !
  10. I reset in 3 dots menu and i have the same results i can not open the geofilter and other!
  11. I google it the error and i see in this forum that other users have this problem and i reset my router folowing the steps. I reset with reset on back on the router. I have access to the interface and will try this
  12. today recieve my netduma r2 and when i load geo-filter i see msg uncaught exception: undefined Error: This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute. Error: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Rapp. i try to reset the routher i follow the step but the same results i can not open the geofilter also pingheatmap,hybrid-vpn,divece maneger the same results have when i try to use IOS app i conect to wife network with my iphone but geofilter always show me error windows 10 mozilla no antivirus program
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