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  1. I discovered why CC intermittently fails to work. When my modem drops internet if I don't reboot the router when the signal comes back thats when CC fails to work over WiFi. We plan on switching ISP soon as our contract ends, this should clear up the problem. Thanks for all your time and help everyone.
  2. Both laptops don't obey CC settings over WiFi, however both work fine over Ethernet. I'll run some more tests with them and a few other devices in the morning (don't wanna test at peak hours), got home later than expected from running errands today. I'll update soon as I get the results.
  3. Random MAC addresses are disabled for both devices. Traffic Prioritization for ESO is working with the addition of port range you suggested.
  4. I just reread the ESO site for required ports and I feel like an idiot. I got Traffic Prioritization to work with Neverwinter not really sure what changed other than power cycling the modem and router after an internet drop (which happens far more than it should, I suspect a weak signal to the modem is the cause for that). I'm sure that when server maintenance ends on ESO that I'll have a fine time with the added port range.
  5. Yeah, native DHCP server on the router, so far I don't have a need for any third party software/hardware for networking. I already have port 4380 set, I'll set the additional port range for ESO and update soon as server maintenance ends.
  6. IPv6 and VLAN are disabled, and I'm not using PPPoE. I do have a DHCP server running. I ran ESO again with these settings and it seemed more responsive than anything I've tried so far. Perhaps it has more to do with my internet speed than with the router? However, the TP packet counter still seems off, ignore the Duma Classified settings as this was off during gaming. This was after around 3hrs of gaming, surely it should've prioritized more than 600 - 800 packets, right?
  7. Steam 27000 - 27100 UDP/TCP 4379 - 4380 UDP/TCP 3478 UDP Neverwinter 7000 - 7500 TCP ESO uses ports from steam above
  8. I don't see anything about WMM here, unless it's this Beamforming feature? And yes, the bandwidth allocation.
  9. @CrarsenXL I haven't gotten it to work, and when it does it's very spotty
  10. This is the setup that I was using when gaming, everything in my house is connected via WiFi except the printer which is connected via Ethernet. The only two games that my wife and I play are Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online which are on laptops. For the congestion control I used speedtest.net with CC turned off to find my speeds, this was fairly close to paid speeds. The native connection benchmark and DSL reports were used to find the "sweet spot" for CC. All this was done over Ethernet, because I could not get CC to work over WiFi (speeds just would not obey even when set to 35% down and up). For QoS I know little about how to effectively test this, so it really comes down to how the game felt at the time with whatever setting I was using. I found that the above settings gave acceptable gaming results. The application allocation seemed to be less effective than device allocation. Traffic Prioritization I simply couldn't get to work regardless of leaving at default, prioritizing all ports on the device, or manually setting only the required ports for the application on the device. I tried this on both laptops both over WiFi and Ethernet to no avail, I suspect this has something to do with the network monitor miss categorizing net traffic but... I'm only using the 5ghz band over WiFi 5 (AC), AX has been disabled since I dual boot my machine with Win/Arch, and as the time being Wifi 6 is unsupported at this time in Arch Linux.
  11. Congestion control - Doesn't work over WiFi. I used the native connection benchmarker, DSL reports, and speedtest.net. While the native benchmarker seemed unreliable, DSL reports and speedtest gave similar results. I could only get this feature to work over Ethernet (tested on two laptops with different OS's). QoS - Doesn't work over WiFi. I could not get this to work with the application manager, the categories don't display accurate info (for eg. playing ESO it categorizies the traffic as either unkown or uncategoized rather than gaming). It feels as if the device manager works, I say this because I'm not sure how to aquire the data as proof. Traffic Prior - I could not get this to work no matter what I have tried. I tried manually configuring ports, leaving it at default, and setting all ports to a device and I can't get the packet counter to record anything and no red light. I treid this over WiFi and Ethernet with no effect. Any ideas are welcome at this point. I'm open to any help and I'm more than willing to try/test any suggestions. Thank You in advance!
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