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  1. All devices and it is every day I have to pay it and turn it on and wait 5 minutes before I have internet again
  2. Hello and updated to the beta version and I run out of internet from time to time, what can I do?
  3. With this update you will be able to use the geofilter in destiny 2
  4. Hello good, I registered vpn hybrid and I am using purevpn to play destiny 2 and that I get bad players, what configuration do you recommend? Or is it not worth using vpn? Thanks
  5. No me carga la opcion vpn de netgear rx500 se me queda cargando todo el rato alguien sabe que puedo hacer? Gracias
  6. Hola mas o menos sabeis cuando podreis tenerlo solucionado gracias
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