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  1. That log was saved a few minutes after the disconnect and before I disabled the IPv6. Today will be my first day at home constantly using the internet. We will see if anything has changed and I'll report back.
  2. Yes, Native. I just disabled it on the R2 as instructed. I'll give it some time to see if I notice a difference. Just before I did disable it I had another disconnect. Here is the log file leading up to it if it shows any new information worth knowing.... Log New.txt
  3. Current DHCP lease time is 12 hours. Issue isnt occuring in 12 hour intervals or on any noticeable pattern. Today it has happened atleast 3 times just in a 5-6 hour period ....but, sometimes it might only do it 1 time a day. (That Im home and notice anyways)
  4. R2 current FIrmware version 3.0.205 I had an XR500 that has works perfect for almost 2 years. I recently bought the R2. After swapping it out I'm having connectivity drops all the time. When it happens, my PC acts similar to if I'm being DDoSed. It says Im connected and have connectivity but loading anything online does nothing. After a few minutes sometimes 5-20ish minutes it starts working again. It's not a device specific issue either. Both hardwire and wifi on any device in the house wont work. I know the ISP signal coming to my modem is perfect. I'm a technician for the ISP and installed my own internet and currently my signal meter behind the modem is still reading perfect. Since everything has been fine up until swapping routers its gotta be something with the new router...Ive attached a recent log file from the most recent disconnect. Any help would be appreciated. log-1619124808435.txt
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