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  1. Is all what it does after holding for 30 seconds the reset button and still without shows in the wifi list or straight by the cable Just a question the leds of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz haven’t affect in why is not showing en wifi list or with the cable? 64080697793__CEABF783-7BC6-4977-9D78-EB8D18B1FD0E.MOV
  2. Let me see if I get it : want to unplug the Ethernet cable from the other router and plug it on R2 then search in control panel for that link? Sorry I don’t know to much about all this
  3. But I don’t know if this from the other router I have cuz if I connect straight from the Ethernet provider to R2 shows this
  4. I was using a dot in the command “ ipconfig.”that was why shows not recognized the command. So now I wrote without that dot and now shows this... sorry my bad
  5. Couple of those were with the cable to the Pc and that other one’s with out
  6. I did it like that and the Ethernet led turns solid on as the power one with a minimal blink almost nothing and that’s it at least if run a cable from netduma to the Pc or console. the picture is before stop working
  7. id been using it for over a mounth but couple days ago stop working with no reason, id reset it but nothing and dont even appers in the wifi list or cable . id try pretty much everything the
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