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  1. I do this and it will not save the checkmark by "WAN port mirror to LAN port 1" Any suggestions?
  2. I had my router IP set as in the first image. The one that showed up correct I had changed back to I can still do this if you would like?
  3. I used the wrong IP address in the first image file. I have already replaced my ethernet cable and multiple times. Cat 6 from router to modem and router to PC.
  4. I cannot get internet on my PC directly wired into the modem. Suggestions?
  5. Yes. Here is the correct file. I am seeing one spike. I assume that is what I am looking for?
  6. Hitron EN2251. What exactly am I supposed to be looking for on pingplotter? Its been running for a while now. Thanks
  7. Yeah so I tried it for a while and it still happens. It seems to happen less frequent with TP and congestion control disabled but it still does happen and on multiple games. What would be causing this issue? It is getting a bit frustrating not being able to use the perks of the router and still having issues. I did a benchmark before and after and all scores are good. Any further advice? Thanks thus far gentlemen.
  8. Okay so I turned off traffic prioritization. Thanks. I have a Hitron 3.1 modem. For bandwidth allocation I have the sliders set to 70% and my system at about 70% upload and 20% download. I have tried the sliders at anywhere from 60-80%. 70 is where I have them now.
  9. Hi guys, Little update for you. I am still in need of some help! The drops still happen. Reserving the IP in the LAN settings didn't work. To better explain what happens is that I get a full 100% packet loss for a split second and it comes back up within 5-10 seconds. I don't disconnect from online servers It just get a massive packet spike and it comes back up. When I am streaming my bitrate drops completely to 0 kbs and also comes right back up. This happens using OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. These drops happen on both COD and Fortnite. I wanted to use two games and two streaming software's to make sure it wasn't one of them. It started happening when I started using the XR1000. This is very frustrating because it interrupts my stream and can get me killed in competitive situations. I would say it happens maybe 4-5 times during a 6-8 hour stream. Not too frequent and happens what seems at random. Please help!
  10. Yes it is prioritizing now thank you! I also reserved my PCs IP in the LAN settings so hopefully this stops the drops. I will use it for a while and give you an update. For the Geo-Filter should I have my device set as a PC or set it as a PlayStation? Saw on some of the other forums it should be set to a PlayStation. Thanks again gentlemen Riley
  11. Thank you Liam. I appreciate the response. To further clarify I have my PC set as a computer and not as a PlayStation. I use a wired connection so I think it automatically realized my PC was a PC. When I boot up Warzone and start playing the red lights for traffic control DO light up. Before I don’t think they did. Maybe they don’t light up all the time and it was dark the one time I tested. This must mean it is prioritizing the game? I didn’t see Warzone in the DumaOS Classified games so I wasn’t sure. Does Warzone fall in under the Call of Duty category for DumaOS classified games? I have congestion control set to auto enable and this works perfectly. I give my pc about 65% of the flower. Way more than enough with 23 upload and 400 download. I am glad the logs are nothing to worry about that is a relief but still doesn’t explain the drops. When it drops I would say it almost always comes back on but the time varies. Sometimes it comes back up right away other times it takes a few minutes. I contact my ISP frequently, we have new lines, a new 3.1 modem in perfect condition, and great signal strength. No packet loss or anything interrupting the connection leaving me to believe it’s the router. Didn’t happen before I got my XR1000. I updated firmware and OS. Maybe it’s a setting? I have IPv6 enabled which I had disabled for a while which didn’t change anything. It seems like the drops happen more frequently when I’m streaming + playing Warzone. Wifi goes out too. Usually the red light comes on, on the XR1000 but modem stays up and shows no drops whatsoever. Thank you, Riley
  12. Hi, I have the XR1000 Netgear Nighthawk router firmware version I have traffic priority on for DumaOS classified games on and it does not prioritize Call of duty or Call of duty Warzone. I run any sort of download or speed test on another device my ping sky rockets and the traffic priority does not come on. I know the priority works because if I load up Apex Legends and do the same tests the priority comes on and my ping stays nice and low. I have congestion control on as well and have played around with this. I have 500 download and 20 upload. I have my device slider dragged 65% on upload and 25% on download (not that this should matter as much as the packet priority I have it on anyways). It isn't my device because it will prioritize my brothers PC on Apex which I have set lower on the the download and upload slider and it still has 0 congestion and prioritizes that game. is there any way I can get traffic priority on Call of Duty Warzone? It does not give priority on Call of Duty Modern Warfare (multiplayer) either. How can I get priority for Warzone? One other thing, in the logs every once in a while it will stay DOS attack: Fragile Attack, and most of the time the internet shuts off, and I have to reboot the router to get it to come back up. This is quite annoying, should I be worried that it is an actual DOS attack, and how do I stop the router from cutting out and coming back up? This interrupts my live streams. I reset both my device IP and my WAN IP and this has stopped the cut offs from happening. I am using Dynamic IP and have not had a problem with a drop out since. It is not my provider as I have contacted them plenty, modem stays up and does not drop out, 0 packet loss whatsoever, but seemed like I needed to power cycle the router quite often. Thank you for your time, please let me know of solutions. -Riley
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