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  1. Makes me wonder if this could be causing my issues too...
  2. Hi Fraser, Any updated eta on the new firmware yet? Thanks Mike
  3. Is there any updated ETA on the firmware? If not would it be possible to arrange a replacement. I left it too long for the refund above. Thanks
  4. Could I arrange a refund on the device? It's within 30 days and is currently unusable pending a firmware update with no ETA. Thanks
  5. Is there an ETA on the firmware release? Thanks
  6. Still the same issue, internet just crashed again. It's unusable for gaming at the moment I am going to have to permanently use my provider router until this resolves. I did a factory settings reset of the router, validated the static IP/DMZ and re-applied all of the configs required and it's still happening, is it a faulty router? Thanks
  7. When you say “the IP to access the hub” is this the IP of the BT Smart Hub interface or the of the duma? I have set it to the latter but want to be sure
  8. Still cutting out unfortunately, sometimes a restart doesn't even bring it back now unless I leave it over 10 mins
  9. What should I set the DHCP range to?
  10. No access to the interface - the page isn't found
  11. Nope the Static IP was set before (and has been for a while) I just changed the IP in the DMZ to match the static.
  12. Another DC unfortunately, router goes out - rebooting it fixes it every time. Failed both wired and wireless. Edit: Another DC at 23:55
  13. Thanks - what seemed to have happened was that the router had a static IP but in the DMZ settings it was pulling a different IP address for the "dumaos" device. I changed the DMZ set-up to be based on the IP assigned and that hopefully has fixed it.
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