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  1. Sorry not too familiar with server stuff, what is an authentication server? Is that a good thing?
  2. Yeah i see one around wales and one on the edge of france like both around once every 15 searches but even in these games the gameplay is no where near as good as the london server, its strange aswell because i come up against london players sometimes when using ethernet without netduma but never really with it
  3. yeah here are three different examples of servers i get: aad510db72499ea3 ab0f01ccac4ae7ec 9003ad78a02f7a7f Really wish i took the id of the london server when i was actually able to connect to it
  4. Oh they are both two different devices (a ps4 and a ps5) but i had the same issue with just one device, there is also nothing else appearing on the map as per picture. This is really weird the router was perfect and all of a sudden has started acting this way, i think its only me with the issue aswell
  5. This is how i would set up in the past and find games in london with no problem whether that was player to player or direct to the london server, lately ive just been getting blocked servers from outside the radius, ive not been able to connect to london once, ping assist is off aswell
  6. In the past I would be able to block out servers outside the london and uk servers thus allowing for smoother gameplay (the whole reason i bought the router), and now ever since around a month ago ive not been able to connect to any local servers and have instead been constantly pushed to servers in Germany and france etc even with an outline drawn. Is there any reason for this? Ive not changed any of my settings
  7. Ever since I tried to update my Netduma has stopped working properly, it doesn’t search when gaming and the text and overlay is all messed up. (ive tried pressing factory reboot on the settings, nothing happens and ive also tried the 30-30-30 method to no avail THREE times, the only thing that works is when i click on another subcategory)
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