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  1. i had similar issues, and troubleshooting i find out that if the person/friend u cant hear/join or invite is most likely blocked by GeoFilter, just make sure to allow them. ....also i added a friend i start to hear him, added another one but to hear him a needed to add a server too, my guess is the server he was on. i dont know.
  2. Well i never flash it, i ordered it n it came with .205 on, but yesterday i decided to factory reset, so far so good i even left wifi mirrorin on n range seems to be good, about speed, i spoke with my ISP prov. they r goin to provide me with a new modem since i got a modem/router combo tho i have it brigde it may be interfering somehow... next to do its renamin my devices ill keep u guys posted if anything change
  3. ok so now im lossin connectin on all devices includin LAN, i know its the R2 because it REBOOT fix the issue, but now the issue its becomin a regular thing not good. what should i do, flash the firmware? i got it recently with 3.0.205 on it
  4. my PC its already on a reserved static IP address in reality the majority of my devices do have an IP reserved for them, except phones, tables
  5. so i guess the losin connection/internet its a thing i know this, today i lost internet on my PC but just on the LAN side, tho other devices on LAN like my PS4 was online in the same time, so the issue seems to be just with the PC WIFI was Online too. i reset the network adapter and wasnt gettin a IP address. i then reboot the R2 problem fixed... i gotta say it would be nice an option like REBOOT SCHEDULE, i think that feature could save alot of headaches from both side customers/support, schedulin a reboot in hours noone is really usin the ineternet like when everyone is asleep could come handy. ­čĄ×fingerscross its comin in the next update­čĄ× i probably open a thread for a request
  6. That's what I wanted to do but I thought I check and the R2 doesn't have holes in the bottom. I'm no sure I'll check again. So how did u achieve that?, Also my understanding on routers n wall it's recommended to be little away from each other. Thanks in advance.
  7. I got a modem/router from the ISP, WIFI OFF I don't think that router is any good or better than aftermarket ones, I've set it to bridge.- then the duma R2, I really don't want to add more devices if I don't have to. As right now so far only 3 devices get affected by the issue a fireTVstick, security panel and 1 of my phones. I don't think the issue is mayor so I'll patiently wait for improvement updates soon to come, but I'll keep in mind the option to put my tp-link back as an AP if things get worse
  8. So speed it's fine, tho 2.4 randomly home me high pings n low speed, while 5g it's constantly normal. Range definitely better, still I get the drops and I'm blaming that to the 2.4ghz issue I'm experiencing
  9. I was a little ahead of u on that one, I already did that step I believe I'm in the best channel after some test I performed, thanks anyway Question; while doing those test I saw a network following my channel, every time I change it that signal was changing to the channel I picked. Weird!?
  10. Wow just by moving the antennas I see it different both phones are online I will test video chatting when. Thanks for the help I appreciate it
  11. Ok understandable I will change the angle of the antennas since I got it like this _\ /_... About the mirror mode I got it off because of some issues too, so as now it's off, it did give me more range after tho
  12. Wifi won't reach my driveway, testing with 2 android only 1 support 5G, they connect to the wifi without internet n most times can't reach the router. With my tp-link wifi6 I was video chatting, some lag here and there but definitely online Now with netduma R2 I'm having issues like losing connection even though closer to the router
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