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  1. Could you please tell me how to add my teammates to white list. I cannot find any option for that on geo filter
  2. by the way, should I enable the strict mode, auto ping host, or Fast search
  3. That's why I ask you guys! The geo filter is not working for me, either in US or EU. No matter what I do, the ping is around 20-30ms. Even if I set up the Geo Filter in EU and West US. So, I feel like scammed
  4. This is the ping that in game, like I said. This router doesn't work at all. It can not bring me to the EU
  5. This is the Geo map that I was searching for lobby, and I will never find a game by doing this. Idk Why
  6. I only play warzone on PC I set up my device as console like you guys suggest. My location is in the eastern United States, but I want to connect to Europe for SBMM, it just doesn't work at all. All the game that I find is low ping server which is not from Europe. I tried to reset the Geo-filter by the instruction that u guys provide for other similar problem. It doesn't work at all. youtuber with the same router can connect to Europe server without using VPN, but why I cannot?. I only spent money to buy your router purely for warzone, but it actually didn’t match the advertising. I'm really disappointed, if you can't help me, I will choose a refund. This router exhausted me and made me feel like I was scammed.
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