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    VFR1200FD reacted to Toots in Destiny 2 now using Steam Network Sockets   
    Warning for anyone attempting to join the Discord - don't bother.
    The guy running it has had crucial information the entire time and refused to share it while members were paying for that info and getting scammed.
    Also now that we're close to an actual solution he has made a special role that gives access to hidden channels only to a select few (most of which are acting like entitled clowns). I'm part of this channel and once the solution is found I will be giving it to anyone who DMs me asking for it, as his pathetic attempts to keep the information secret while using everyone else ideas is awful. 
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    VFR1200FD reacted to Netduma Fraser in Geofilter Destiny 2   
    Hey, welcome to the forum!
    It's something we're looking into at the moment, we don't have anything conclusive at the moment but will let people know when we do
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