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  1. They have no customer support at this time, Cannot call, cannot chat. They have disabled messaging options of Facebook. I cancelled my twitter account and dont use any other social media. I am in the process of trying to get a refund for the game and any addon content I purchased from Playstation Store.
  2. As I stated, I already tried the ban appeal and was told they reviewed and they are enforcing the ban. There was unauthorized activity as my CP went missing 3 weeks before the ban. I told them in the appeal that I had submitted 2 tickets requesting info on where the CP went, and there was no reply to either ticket for over a month. I'm so done with activision at this point, I just want a refund. I will go play something else from now on. It's a shame though, I've been playing since COD4 Modern Warfare on the PS2.
  3. So how can they justify banning me when I only play on PS5. I spent $70 for the game and $30 on in game purchases. There should be a way to either get my account restored or get a refund for what I spent. Already tried the appeal ban option and that was no bueno.
  4. I tried to call Activision Support to see if I can get the issue straightened out and they do not have any option to talk to someone at all anymore. This is so frustrating especially considering I just spent money purchasing the Golden Age III package and the Ice Dragon Krig 6 blueprint and spent $10 for the season pass after my COD Points disappeared right before the Season 3 drop. I submitted a ticket requesting information on the change of my COD points balance and they still haven't responded over 3 weeks later. I am certain now that this has nothing to do with cheating and everything to do with the fact that I recently changed my name in COD to CornPop.
  5. I don't even play Warzone. I only play HC Team Deathmatch for an hour or two a day. I have a 1.19 KD so I am obviously not using any kind of cheating software.
  6. So I put in an appeal and this was the response I received: Since I do not use any unauthorized software or haven't manipulated game data in any way, I can only assume this was caused by the DumaOS geofilter on XR500. Now I am out all the money I spent in game and have to start with a fresh account. I expect a response from admin/moderator on this issue.
  7. I have been using my XR500 for a month or so now. A few weeks ago I noticed COD points missing from my account and submitted a ticket with Activision (since you cannot call them anymore) and received no response. Today I log in and it say my account was banned. Put in an appeal on the activision site which seemed to indicate they only ban for cheating. I only play for an hour or so a day and have a 1.19 KD in TDM so I definitely dont use any cheats. Could this be from using the DumaOS router?
  8. Maybe it was just a one time fluke. Will try it again over the next couple days and report back.
  9. In case someone reads this in the future. I turned off the autoping feature and they were able to connect to chat right away. This kinda sucks because I cannot use Ping Assist. Fortunately living in the NE USA there are plenty of games within my Geo-Filter that it isn't really affecting getting a game.
  10. The players are able to connect to an in game party with me in the COD Cold War game. There are two symbols that show up when the chat connection starts. I have never seen these symbols on my R1 so I am not sure if something has changed. I am on the East coast of the US and the one shows up in the middle of the US and the other shows up around Washington state (west coast). I cannot click on them to allow because of autoping host is turned on. If I disable autoping host will this allow me t add these to the allowed connections? Should I turn this back on after?
  11. I recently installed a Netgear Nighthawk XR500 as an upgrade from my original Netduma R1 router. Since I completed the switch, I have had trouble connecting to others in a chat party. The one that I have the most trouble with is someone that is actually located within my Geo-Filter range. I added them to the "Allowed" connections list in the Geo-Filter, but the issue still persists. They will connect to the chat party ,but neither of us can hear each other and we both see the other with a spinning wheel. After some 5-10 minutes it decides to miraculously connect us. I also Port Forwarded the following ports: 1935, 3478-3480 on TCP and 3074, 3075, 3076, 3077, 3078, 3079 on UDP. Just wondering why this might be happening and if there is any way to fix this.
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