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  1. No unfortunately it didn't. Max wifi speeds I've seen with tinkering is about 200 down 25 up. If I swap back to my xfinity combo I'm getting at a minimum 650 down 30 up. My gaming pc is hardwired and no issues with speeds as I'm getting on average 750 down 30 up. Everything else in the house though is on the wifi and constantly buffering, dropping, or the network just dissappears altogether. Which hasn't sat well with the wife and kids lol.
  2. After purchasing this router, I had to wait 2 months to finally receive it as my order was pushed back an additional month from what was originally stated. My wired connection is great, but the wifi is horrible. The signal is alot weaker than my xfinity modem/router combo, and my speeds are extremely low. It has gotten worse as of lately only getting about 80-200mbps dl when I pay for 650mbps and have always gotten closer to 800mbps with the xfinity combo. It has also recently started completely disconnecting my devices with my network not even showing up, and the majority of the time DumaOS won't even fully load. I have factory reset it. I have tried with QoS enabled and disabled. Mirrored mode is off. Have attempted with Syn Flood Protection off. Along with many other suggestions you guys have made to the many other people complaining about this router. At this point I don't even want to use it anymore as my xfinity performs much better. How do I set up a return for a refund for this?
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