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  1. Yes, the only two l’m using is Firefox and chrome. I’m actually trying the mobile version, seems to connect better to the apps. I’ll try clearing the cache on chrome. I deleted Firefox. I don’t what a lot of app on my operating system. Only for gaming side. What is the best Application to connect to the app interface? (Ex Firefox, chrome,...)
  2. Well it didn’t work this is what I pretty much get all the time. I can’t do any settings adjustment. If I have to reboot every time I try to get into my page, this is not gonna work. Why is this consistently a problem?
  3. I let it sit for quite a while and hooked up my old system to make sure everything was connected and working then re-connected to my duma router and it loaded the interface and so far things are reconfiguring correctly. I don’t know if it’ll will not reload the page properly like it was doing before you will have to give me some time to play with it. But I will let you know. Thanks
  4. I try to hard reset again. And now it won’t even load into the Initial set up at all.
  5. It is 3.0.205. I’ve only owned this router for about three weeks now.
  6. I’m having problems trying to get the RAPPs to consistently work! One time I start them with either Firefox or chrome and they work the next time they won’t. I restart my modem and it might fix it or not. I’ve even done complete reset on the modem several times to see if I can get some consistency with them working. Much of the time it comes up with the common error that you have to try again. I’ve already set the attempts to five, that did help but didn’t alleviate the issue. Most recently the apps were functioning but the ping maps stopped working. when the apps start working it takes quite a while for them to load up. The software side for mine is quite buggy just wondering if this is expected or if I have a more serious issue with my router? Thanks.
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