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  1. do you have a link to instructions on how to download the BETA? I see the link for the dropbox, but I'm sure I have to do more than just click on it.
  2. Ok, I thought about doing that right away, but wasn't sure I wanted to deal with the bugs. I'll look into it. Thanks
  3. is there a way to get them to connect to me so I can whitelist them? What screen resolution are you referring to? The picture is of my laptop, not sure the resolution. Its a microsoft surface laptop
  4. I took this picture last night, I'll try and grab a screenshot when I get on tonight. At this point im playing a quads match with some guys I know from canada. I expanded the zone so i could make sure they would stay in my party when I started filtering. After several games I never saw the player symbols pop up. Maybe I missed the slider, but this is about all I could see.
  5. alright so I tried what you suggested and no go. I'm also having issues with the geofilter map. I'm zoomed out to 2.5, but I can't seem to move around the map and select different areas. Pretty much north america, mexico and part of europe is all I can see.
  6. I'll try that tonight. Thanks. When I get it figured out and I have a team of 4 in my party is there a way to tell who is who?
  7. I just recently purchased the XR500 and have played several games of warzone using it with great speed and ping. My issue is using the geo filter part of it. I don't seem to be getting the peers and servers to pop up like I see other people having. Everyone once in awhile I see another player or maybe a server, but doesn't seem to be working like it should. Any advice?
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