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  1. I had the electrician fit it when wiring the place so I haven't actually taken a look at the switch. I'll have a look at disabling device management on the device and see what happens.
  2. thanks for the reply fraser, just to clarify the current switch setup worked/works without issue when connected directly to the bt hub
  3. Hello, I recently set up my netduma R2 and went through the initial setup. However, devices being connected through a netgear gs108e ethernet switch are unable to connect to the internet (A device connected directly via ethernet work fine). Any advice on how to begin troubleshooting would be appreciated. Our internet setup is as follows: BT Smart Hub > R2 > Ethernet in the wall > GS1083 > Ethernet in the wall > Some device. Edit: (Noticed the device will intermittently ben considered offline by the R2)
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